Black Friday

I suppose everyone knows what happened in Paris last night. It’s extremely sad – of course, but posting a picture about you smiling in front of the Eiffel tower, captioning #prayforparis will do no help. Changing your profile picture to the colors of France will do no help. I can’t help but feel hypocrisy all around me everytime something bad happens and social media becomes this large overwhelming bubble of empathy and condolence.

I even feel hypocritical writing this.

Because nothing I can do will do any help. What’s more, nothing governments can do will do any help. Yes, they are expressing their symphathy, condemning terrorism, strengthening security, but I’m totally sure that this is not enough. Terrorists are and will always be ahead of us no matter what. Attacks will happen. And what will be the response eventually? Starting a war, I guess. Possibly World War III. And it will be worse than any other because those weapons nowadays can kill more people than ever. Whole towns can be exterminated in one moment. In the past, battles were between soldiers. Now? You drop a nuclear bomb on my capital city, killing countless innocent people, so I will drop a nuclear bomb on your city to do the SAME? That’s pointless and so not fair. That’s not war.

My father told me after 9/11 that we will see WWIII happening in our lives. Then, this idea seemed terrifying but unimagineable. But now… it doesn’t seem so far.

There’s also no point in hating refugees. Yes, it IS possible that we let these terrorists into Europe, but it is certain that if we wouldn’t have done it, they would have found another way in. There were, are and will be evil people who – no matter what the reason is – will hurt others. It’s awful and we CANNOT do anything about it. This fact upsets me the most.

I will not tell anyone what to do, what to think. I personally won’t pretend I understand every aspect of this current foreign political situation, and I won’t hate on anyone. There’s nothing more I can do.


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