Time to go

I just realised that this title might sound depressed, but HELL NO. Listen to this, while reading.

Travelling. It’s something I haven’t done much but I definitely want to do it more. I’m a student, I don’t gain much money but from this moment, I will try to save up for something. Where? I don’t exactly know. My current dream is to travel around Iceland, and spend days skiing. Last year, when we were in Nice (French Riviera, no big deal), we were talking about how breathtakingly amazing it would be a ski slope down to the sea. And you know what’s in Iceland? Ski resorts by the sea.

I love Sziget Festival so much because I can meet people from all around the world and those are the best moments (no offense intended). But you know, there’s something about dancing with a group of Irishmen alone, or recieving (the worst) rosé from a random Belgian (?? I’m not quite sure about his nationality), or trying to convince a Brazilian to NOT kiss you. Not mentioning actually kissing someone you like, knowing that this is the only time you ever see him. And that is why I decided going to the festival alone next year.

So, back to travelling. Don’t get me wrong, I REALLY love my friends, this is not against them, but I think I would prefer going alone next time. I can be tolerant of others, but you know, organising a trip for 6 people made me realise that I may don’t want to. I may don’t want to find a date suitable for everyone’s calendar when the plane tickets are also cheap (you don’t know the struggle until you spent hours to try to figure this out). Sometimes, I need to be alone. I need to live the moment.

And, “K, what next?”, “Will you come to the toilet with me?”, “I want to look at that church, come with me.”, “Will we make it to the airport?”, these types of things doesn’t help me. There’s nothing wrong with it, I think I’m just more independent /autonomous than that.

However, I enjoyed the trip, put aside the little things that bothered me, because I didn’t wanna spend the days I’ve been waiting for months complaining. But you know, I just want to try what it’s like to be completely on my own. When you don’t know anyone… maybe those lovely Sziget moments come from that.

Because if you’re in a group, it’s unavoidable for you to separate from the world. You speak a language no one else understands. But if you’re alone – in case you don’t want to feel lonely – you have to make an effort. You have to get to know people. It’s a real challenge for me – to go to a bar alone, not leaning on my friends and not giving a shit about anyone else, but I think I’m ready for it.

My father was 23 years old when he bought an InterRail ticket, and he travelled around Europe. I’ve been hearing his stories from day 1, and I always wanted to do something like that.

So, I don’t want to say it’s a new year’s resolution because they always fail, but I will travel. First step: saving account. Second step: actually saving.

And a few photos for inspiration (the quality differs, credit to my friends – because I don’t take so much photos):

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