What happens when I learn psychology&communication

I was walking my dog today in the fresh snow, and I remembered something. Back in 2012, I went to a chemistry camp (yeah, imagine 9 hours of chemistry every day, and 4*1,5 km walk to the place where you get food.). It was wintertime with a lot of snow. 30-40 cm snow in Hungary is rare. Next to the sideways, the snow was piled up in big and nice piles.

Everybody was walking on the clean, snow-free pavement, and me? I was jumping from pile to pile, enjoying the feeling of walking in the fresh snow. Sometimes I fell, sometimes the snow was so deep that my legs were almost covered. It was a really nice experience. I don’t remember how others reacted to my infantility. I think some followed me, some judged me. That’s not the point. Or that’s the point? That I completely ignored everyone while enjoying life?

So today, after this moment of nostalgy, I decided that it’s time to go off from the usual track. We went to the forest (if we can call that random group of trees a forest), and we were running and it was awesome. I think if anyone saw us, their only thought was whether I got away from the near psychiatric ward, but again: I couldn’t care less. Musu was happy. I was happy. After the walk, I made a snow angel, because I haven’t done it in ages.

Yes, I may have gone crazy. Last night, I bought plane tickets. I will fly alone. I’m gonna have 2 demonstrations after I get back. I have no idea where I’m gonna sleep. I just know that I’m extremely happy, excited and terrified.

I can do this.

I can do anything and everything.

And I also realised that my blog posts are way too negative. I think I’m gonna focus more on writing my positive feelings and expierences too.


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