Staying or leaving?

As a Hungarian medical student, I’m in a very difficult situation. This topic is always alive and although I’m still so far from actually making this decision, I feel like I need to talk about it. Staying or leaving? I WOULD stay, I really would, if the system let me. I can only see the current situation and I don’t wanna be pessimistic but I just don’t see anything changing for the better in 3-4 years. Obviously, the main problem is that there is not enough money to keep hospitals going (renovations are needed EVERYWHERE, new equipment, medicine etc), hire enough staff (therefore not just the doctors, but the nurses are really overloaded – 1 nurse for 40 unaware patients is absolutely ridiculous). They work 12-14 unbelievably exhausting hours, they get upset and sometimes rude, they burn out and they don’t even get the money they deserve. Read More


January summary

I successfully passed all my exams (pathology, pathophysiology, microbiology, immunology, surgical studies, internal medical propadeutics, medical psychology&communication), I finished them on January 15th – this really is a big deal! Honestly, I concentrated more on passing than studying every single thing, I felt bad about this but my average is still “good” (4.0). Again – I made a promise to myself – I’m gonna study harder this semester. Read More