January summary

I successfully passed all my exams (pathology, pathophysiology, microbiology, immunology, surgical studies, internal medical propadeutics, medical psychology&communication), I finished them on January 15th – this really is a big deal! Honestly, I concentrated more on passing than studying every single thing, I felt bad about this but my average is still “good” (4.0). Again – I made a promise to myself – I’m gonna study harder this semester.

Sorry for always including my school life, but it’s such a big part of me, I can’t ignore it. However, after my exams, I did so many things to forget them all, and I want to write about them. And I don’t just mean the usual drinking (which I did of course). So, my alternative exam-free activities:

  • Yoga: it felt so good to move my muscles, they were unused for too long. I want to keep up the workout every day.
  • Imagine Dragons concert: one of my best experiences ever. We were standing in front of the main stage, in the 5th row – the singer spent 70% of the concert 2 meters away from us. (Ignore the keratoconjunctivitis photoelectrica and the worst pain in my life the next day.)
  • Hiking: I’ve never ever been a girl that enjoyed walking around in forests and mountains. I just couldn’t see the point. Now, I decided to participate in a performance trek (I don’t know the English word for it, but you know, when you have 34 kms with 1238 ms upwards that you have to finish within 9 hours). So, we actually didn’t do it. When we saw the crowd, we decided to go on a private tour, and it was SPECTACULAR. We were alone, we had to climb steep hills, we had to pass streams, I enjoyed jumping from one wet rock to another so much. It gave me such an adrenaline rush because I really didn’t want to fall into the icy water. And I couldn’t believe it but I managed to reach the highest summit in Hungary on foot.
  • Travelling: told ya I will travel. I just didn’t know it will happen so soon. So, with some pharmacist-to-be friends of mine we went to Slovenia, and it was all perfect. I will write about this trip soon. And I’m going to Georgia and Wien in March, and hopefully to Switzerland during springtime.
  • Hairdresser: I know it’s not an activity but I just felt like I need to cut my hair. Like really. And today, after the first pathology of the year, I spontaneously decided that this is the time to do it. Probably it’s the shortest version of my hair since…2000 ? I don’t remember. But I really like it.
  • Books, movies, series, pets: the usual combo. But it’s really nice to do something else after studying so much.

I will probably write something like this every single month, just to keep up with my bucket list, to see how I make an effort to actually live.


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