Official announcement

6 months have passed since my How to be single post, and here we are… happy, excited, confused, but definitely not single.

Details: I just finished my exams (my last one was really great), and that meant that I officially got through the first three years of medical school. 3 more to go! After that, we got a little bit drunk and started talking about our feelings etc. One of my friends had problems about being lonely, she was crying, so I had to comfort her. I made such a good and honest speech about single life and why it’s great. I truly meant it. 

And the next day, everything changed. I went to a house party. I never met him before, I thought he was nice and cute but that’s all. I didn’t plan anything, because I don’t believe that these party relationships can last and I grew out of them. So I was enjoying my newly come freedom, I sang and I danced, I was with my friends, so I was truly my crazy self. And he was there all night. He kinda tried to get closer to me, but I was rather ignorant… Because I thought he liked my friend, and that’s why he was around us. I was attracted to him from the first moment, but I was trying to avoid him… he followed me. No, I couldn’t really believe that he liked me, but he was always around me. My friends told me that it was crystal clear from the beginning that he only wanted me.

Well, nothing happened during the party (other than some innocent flirting). At 6 am, we were waiting for the bus to take us home, and that was the moment he chose to finally act. He took my hand and gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. My mind was empty and full of feelings at the same time.

Then, I still thought that this wouldn’t be more than a one night stand. I didn’t know what to do. Kriszti was there, I tried looking at her for answers but she was politely ignoring us.
We didn’t talk much, we were just holding hands thinking about what to do now. I wanted him to come home with me, but I didn’t want him to think that I do this every week. I never ever invited any stranger home. I convinced myself that I invited him because I knew.
That we would be together.

Everything is different with him. In the first week, of course I tried to overcomplicate things. But slowly even I had to admit it that there was nothing to think about.
I love to be with him, and I have no doubt that he feels the same way. He cares about me. Maybe I was afraid in the beginning because of my previous experiences. But quickly I realised how badly I was treated before. I wasted so much time thinking about worthless people. That period is over.

Now my biggest problem is how I’ll miss him while I’m gonna be away for 2 weeks (I’m going to Lebanon, and I’m soo excited about it!). This summer was perfect, I only had 2 days of doing nothing, and although I’m not used to this (I mean after my exams, I just love to do nothing for at least a week), but it’s alright.

We went to the beach many times, he taught me some basketball, he adores my pets (mainly my dog), he now knows my family and friends, he loves being with them. I met his parents. What I thought was unimagineable for me is now natural (for example he came to the Sziget Festival – it’s 1.5 hours from his house two times just to meet my messy festival self). Our political views are similiar, and he has purpose in life. This is two very important factor for me. And of course, he is tall (190 cm), sexy, funny… I think I might be in love.

I’m happy and I really think that this is something (yes, we can call it a real relationship) that can last.

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