Time to go

I just realised that this title might sound depressed, but HELL NO. Listen to this, while reading.

Travelling. It’s something I haven’t done much but I definitely want to do it more. I’m a student, I don’t gain much money but from this moment, I will try to save up for something. Where? I don’t exactly know. My current dream is to travel around Iceland, and spend days skiing. Last year, when we were in Nice (French Riviera, no big deal), we were talking about how breathtakingly amazing it would be a ski slope down to the sea. And you know what’s in Iceland? Ski resorts by the sea. Read More



Day 7:

Memento mori. “Remember that you will die.” Admittedly, this isn’t the most pleasant topic. There is, however, great benefit in meditating on the reality that at some point, you will in fact die. It motivates you to live the life right now that you want to be living. Meditate on this, and write out your thoughts. Does death scare you? Does it motivate you? It’s okay to be honest. Read More

Black Friday

I suppose everyone knows what happened in Paris last night. It’s extremely sad – of course, but posting a picture about you smiling in front of the Eiffel tower, captioning #prayforparis will do no help. Changing your profile picture to the colors of France will do no help. I can’t help but feel hypocrisy all around me everytime something bad happens and social media becomes this large overwhelming bubble of empathy and condolence.

I even feel hypocritical writing this.

Because nothing I can do will do any help. What’s more, nothing governments can do will do any help. Yes, they are expressing their symphathy, condemning terrorism, strengthening security, but I’m totally sure that this is not enough. Terrorists are and will always be ahead of us no matter what. Attacks will happen. And what will be the response eventually? Starting a war, I guess. Possibly World War III. And it will be worse than any other because those weapons nowadays can kill more people than ever. Whole towns can be exterminated in one moment. In the past, battles were between soldiers. Now? You drop a nuclear bomb on my capital city, killing countless innocent people, so I will drop a nuclear bomb on your city to do the SAME? That’s pointless and so not fair. That’s not war.

My father told me after 9/11 that we will see WWIII happening in our lives. Then, this idea seemed terrifying but unimagineable. But now… it doesn’t seem so far.

There’s also no point in hating refugees. Yes, it IS possible that we let these terrorists into Europe, but it is certain that if we wouldn’t have done it, they would have found another way in. There were, are and will be evil people who – no matter what the reason is – will hurt others. It’s awful and we CANNOT do anything about it. This fact upsets me the most.

I will not tell anyone what to do, what to think. I personally won’t pretend I understand every aspect of this current foreign political situation, and I won’t hate on anyone. There’s nothing more I can do.

Just a Monday

Okay, I know that it’s been more than a week since the last post, and it doesn’t even count as a challenge anymore, I’m gonna carry on anyways. Being busy is enough explanation? Hope so.

Day 6:

On this day, simply write about your day. This may seem especially boring, but write out the events of your day. What time you woke up, what you had for breakfast, what your commute was like, what you did during at work, how you spent your evening. If you’re journaling in the mornings, write about the previous day. The beauty of this exercise is that you may discover something that you hadn’t realized. Maybe you weren’t very productive at work, and reflecting on it can allow you to analyze why. Perhaps you finished a big project on the house when you got home; you can think about what motivated you, how it made you feel to finish something big, etc. Don’t discount the seemingly simple task of writing about your day. Read More

Work this out

Before I start, I need to say that I cannot do this daily challenge daily. I’m truly sorry but you know, I don’t want to feel pressured to write it when I don’t have time to do it like I mean to. Quality over quantity.

Day 5:

Take some time today to reflect on your career. Jot down a timeline of it, including all the ups and downs. What was your best experience? And the worst? What would you like your future to look like, in terms of your career? If you’re a young man and haven’t started in yet, focus on that future part. What do you want your work to look like? Read More

Too late to apologise

Day 4:

Write a letter to a loved one. Chances are high that there is someone in your life that you’d like to say something important to. Maybe it’s a wife, a parent, a grandparent you never really got to say goodbye to…take the time today to write that out. It can be positive, negative, or anywhere in between. The beauty of this letter is that you aren’t sending it in the mail, you’re simply “voicing” something that needs to be said. Should you choose to share it later, that’s okay, but you don’t have to. Doing this can be a great way to heal anger that’s been pent up inside, or to release a pressure valve of sadness we may have been harboring over something lost. Read More


Day 3:

Via negativia; today, pick a habit that you’d like to eliminate from your life. Bad habits are like armpits, we all have ‘em and they all stink. Whether cutting soda out of your life, or putting a stop to your porn addiction; either way, as with yesterday, think about the steps you’ll take in order to put the kibosh on that negative habit. And again, also think about how you’ll keep yourself accountable to that goal. Read More

Zucchini & squats

Day 2:

Decide on one positive habit you’d like to implement in your life. Whether seemingly mundane (like flossing) or perhaps life-altering (exercising every day), think of something you’d like to add to your life that will be beneficial. Then, think about the steps you’ll take to get there, and how you’ll keep yourself accountable. Read More

New project

I just found a 30-day writing challenge, which looks interesting, so I would like to complete it. The challenge of day 1 is to describe why I want to journal – I actually did that in the first post, so I’m skipping this one. (The challenge itself is made for men, I’m gonna ignore the male parts, I am also a (hu)man!)

Day 1

Try to write a 6-word-memoir of your life so far. This idea is rumored to have originated from Papa Hemingway. The benefit is that with only six words, you really have to filter your life to what you deem most important. It may take you many iterations, but you’ll end up with something that speaks largely to who you are, if not in toto, then at least in this moment in time. Read More

Same old

Okay, dating. Yesterday I went out with a German Luxembourgish boy. He’s 21 like me, he studies at the department of dentistry, so basically we went through the same things but never even knew about each others’ existance. He sent the microbiology test to me. He’s blonde, has beautiful blue eyes, he’s cute, generous, chivalrous, he’ someone I could easily fall for. Read More